Business 360º with Kristi Hoffman

Business 360º with Kristi Hoffman is a magazine-style program that looks at regional trends, technology and leadership in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Major support for Business 360º is provided by ProMedica, The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation, Toledo Community Foundation, KeyBank, Total Package Global and Madison Avenue Marketing Group.

Recent Episode

6: S2 E6: U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Whitelabel, Howard Marsh


Kristi talks to U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Whitelabel, and learns more about Howard Marsh.

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5:S2 E5: Jeff Sailer, ProMedica Neuro, Habitat/Owens Corning


Kristi talks to Jeff Sailer, Dr. Kevin Reinard, Habitat for Humanity and Owens Corning.

S2 E4: Joe Napoli, Stem Cell Therapy, Jones Leadership


Kristi talks to Joe Napoli, Dr. Kruse and Jones Leadership Academy and the University of

S2 E3: Mayor Kapszukiewicz, Rialto Jean Project, JumpStart


Kristi talks to Mayor Kapsicavicz, Rialto Jean Project and discusses JumpStart inc. and As

2: S2 Ep 2: Dr. Anne Balazs, Root Inc., Balance Farms


Kristi talks with Dr. Anne Balazs, explores Root Inc. and discusses Balance Farms.

S2 Ep1: Steve Cavanaugh, Firelands Winery and TAPA


Kristi talks with Steve Cavanaugh, explores Firelands Winery and discusses TAPA

S1 Ep10: Jim Kamsickas, Heart Rhythm Center and Hoopla


Jim Kamsickas from Dana Incorporated, ProMedica Heart Rhythm Center and Hoopla