Colombia - Wild and Free

Journey to South America to explore the magnificent flora and fauna of Colombia, from the wild, largely deserted Pacific coast to the snow-covered volcanoes of the Andes, from the plains of the Orinoco region to the rainforests of the Amazon.

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A Collared Anteater in Jaguar Country


Jaguars stop at a watering hole for a drink. Nearby, a southern tamandua digs up a snack.

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A Mother Brown-Throated Sloth and Her Baby


A mother brown-throated sloth and her baby live in the rainforest, an inseparable duo.

Inside the Humpback Whale Nursery


The fjords of Utría National Park provide a safe place for young whales to grow and learn.

Capybaras in the Wetlands


The wetlands of Colombia are home to the semi-aquatic capybaras.

Fun with the Burrowing Owls


Young burrowing owlets are at play while their parents work on some home improvements.