The Contenders - 16 for '16

From Jesse Jackson's groundbreaking 1984 and 1988 campaigns to Barry Goldwater's 1964 campaign that launched of a brand of conservatism that influenced both Ronald Reagan and Hillary Clinton, 16 for '16 - The Contenders revisits the most influential presidential campaigns of the last 50 years.

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Bush Turns to Business Record in Run for Govenor


Jacob Weisberg and others discuss how George W was never expected to be political.

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Turning 'Bushisms' and Inexperience into Strength


Karen Hughes and others discuss how Bush formed an strong team to address shortcomings.

Experts Discuss the Strategy Obama Used to His Advantage


Kathleen Jamieson and others discuss how Obama overpowered Hillary Clinton's advantages.

Obama's Ups and Downs in Iowa and New Hampshire


Messina and others discuss the tight race between Obama and Clinton during the primaries.

The Ferraro-Bush Vice Presidential Debate


Walter Mondale, Lynn Sherr, and Maria Cardona discuss the debate's condescending tone.

The Reaction to the First Female Nomination for VP


Lynn Sherr and others discuss the enthusiastic reaction to Ferraro’s nomination.

Palin Faced Sexism from the Media


Experts discuss how the media focused on Palin's appearance and often objectified her.