Crafts for Kids

Focusing on simple, fun and family-friendly projects, this weekly series encourages parents to spend meaningful time with their kids making crafts. Many of the projects include recyclable materials, things you already have in your home, and feature PBS KIDS characters.

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Explore Gravity with Marble Runs


Bring the excitement of a theme park into your home by building a marble roller coaster.

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Build and Test Paper Bridges


Investigate what makes a bridge strong with paper and pennies!

Twinkle Twinkle Letter Stars


You can create constellations in your home, while also teaching alphabet skills!

Make Ocean Zones in a Jar


Dive in and explore the big ocean with this ocean zones in a jar activity!

Engineer a Rocket Ship


Your child will create a pulley system and pretend a rocket ship is soaring through space.

Make a Sink or Float Experiment


Learn about household objects that sink and float in this easy-to-prepare activity.

Discover Pitch with a Water Xylophone


Investigate ways to create different sounds by creating your own water xylophone.