Earth A New Wild

Produced by National Geographic Studios in association with Passion Planet, EARTH A New Wild is hosted by Dr. M. Sanjayan, who takes viewers on a stunning visual journey to explore how humans are woven into every aspect of Earth’s natural systems. The series features footage from the most striking places on Earth and encounters between wild animals and the people who live and work with them. EARTH

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Dr. M. Sanjayan Discusses the Wild


Dr. M. Sanjayan takes viewers on a stunning visual journey in EARTH A New Wild. Airs 2/4.

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A Natural History Detective Story: Encountering a Snail


Sanjayan describes why a snail is more dangerous than a hippo.

Getting the Story: Making EARTH A New Wild


See how the team behind EARTH A New Wild made the series.

Why Cows Are Important


Expert Jonah Western explains to Sanjayan why cows are good for wild animals.

A Natural History Detective Story: A Shallow Water Problem


Expert Jay Stauffer explains why the problems of Lake Malawi are a shallow water issue.

Reindeer Castration — Does It Still Happen?


Castrating male reindeer helps to maintain the diversity of the tundra — but how?

Elephant Conflict


Dr. M. Sanjayan travels to Sumatra to find battles between humans and elephants.