Finding Your Roots

For more than a decade, renowned Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has helped to expand America’s sense of itself, stimulating a national conversation about identity with humor, wisdom, and compassion. Professor Gates has explored the ancestry of dozens of influential people from diverse backgrounds, taking millions of viewers deep into the past to reveal the connections that bind us all.

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Corporate support for FINDING YOUR ROOTS WITH HENRY LOUIS GATES, JR., Season Seven is provided by Ancestry and Johnson & Johnson. Support is also provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Candace King Weir, the Lloyd Carney Foundation, and by the Zegar Family Foundation, Demond Martin, and the Ben Horowitz Fund through the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis. Major support is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS.

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Against All Odds


Henry Louis Gates, Jr. discovers the lineages that claim Andy Cohen and Nina Totenberg.

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To the Manor Born


Henry Louis Gates, Jr. discovers the lineages that claim Glenn Close and John Waters.

Coming to America


Nancy Pelosi, Norah O’Donnell, and Zac Posen discover surprising roots.

Breaking Silences


Gayle King, Jordan Peele, and Issa Rae discover surprising roots.