Genealogy Roadshow

Follow a diverse cast of participants on an emotional journey that uses history and science to uncover their fascinating family stories. Genealogy Roadshow continues in Season 3, exploring history with the diverse cast of participants from cities around the country, including Boston, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and more. #GenealogyPBS

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African Americans on the Federal Census


Get hints on deciphering your ancestors’ information.

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Dig Into Probate Records


Don’t forget these valuable records in your search.

Ellis Island Detention Lists and Records


What were the reasons for immigrants being detained?

Schwab’s Pharmacy and Hollywood


LA’s iconic Schwab’s Pharmacy became the hot spot for Hollywood elite.

Voter Rolls and Church Records


How can voter rolls and church records reveal ancestors?

Tips on Preserving Family Treasures


Keep your family treasures safe for future generations.

Clipped Corners: African Americans During World War I


Learn why military draft records had clipped corners.