The Green Planet

Sir David Attenborough travels the globe to reveal the secret lives of plants. Using pioneering camera techniques, the series takes viewers on a magical journey inside the hidden world of plants, on which all animals — including humans — are dependent.

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How Do You Pollinate 40 Million Almond Trees?


You truck in in 40 billion bees.

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One Sharpshooter Way to Stop an Invasive Plant


Marksmen use paintballs filled with herbicide shot from a helicopter to stop Miconia.

Seeds that Literally Run Away


Some plants developed adaptations that were unhelpful for the cultivation of crops.

How Saguaro Cacti Store 1000 Gallons of Water


The saguaro features a pleated surface which allows it to expand.

Why Elephants Eat the Baobab Tree


The baobab stores thousands of gallons of water in its spongy wood.

The Plant that Makes Its Home on a Cactus


Tristerix seeds travel in bird droppings to invade the bodies of giant cactus.

The Orchid that Pretends It's A Wasp


The Hammer Orchid emits the scent of the female thynnid wasp to confuse the male.