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Give Love a Chance | Blind Love ep. 7


Final check in with “Blind Love” peeps to find out how the dating world is treating them.

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Joni Plays the Field | Blind Love ep. 6


Mario feels a connection with a girl from church and Joni tests James' resolve.

A Match Made in Heaven | Blind Love ep. 5


Mario's congregation plays matchmaker and Simon gets a style makeover before speed dating.

When Your Blind Date is Actually Blind | Blind Love ep. 4


Can Solomon get over his bias about dating someone who is also blind?

The Dos and Don’ts of Blind Dating | Blind Love ep. 3


A sheltered, blind New Yorker gets a nudge from friends to enter the dating world at last.

First Dates: From Awkward to Promising | Blind Love ep. 2


Getting past that first date can be hard for people who are blind and have low vision.

Is Dating Different When You’re Blind | Blind Love ep. 1


Single blind millennials in the dating game hoping to be recognized for who they are.