In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs

Julia Child takes an in-depth look at contemporary American cooking with the top chefs in the world. Inviting the master chefs (literally!) into her kitchen, Julia cooks with the pros, detailing their techniques and dishes in these classic episodes.

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Seared Scallops and Quenelles of Sorbet with Charlie Trotter


Chicago restaurateur Charlie Trotter creates a scallop entree and a fruity sorbet dessert.

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Rustic Jicama Salad with Rick Bayless


Chef Rick Bayless makes a delicious rustic jicama salad with pickled onion.

Roast Chicken with Garlic and Lemon with Gordon Hamersley


Chef Gordon Hamersley makes his famous roast chicken with garlic and lemon for Julia.

Soft-Shell Crabs and Fresh Pasta with Jimmy Sneed


Chef Jimmy Sneed makes his famous dish, soft-shell crabs with fresh pasta.

Pizza Margherita with Roberto Donna


Chef Roberto Donna makes the Italian classic, pizza margherita.