The Latino Experience

In a three-hour presentation of nonfiction and fiction short films, The Latino Experience explores a broad collection of experiences, perspectives, and points of view to highlight the diversity of the Latino/a/x community and to illuminate the vibrancy of the United States and Puerto Rico.

Recent Episode

Karina Lomelin Ripper | Filmmaker Q&A


Filmmaker Karina Lomelin Ripper contributed the film La Tienda to The Latino Experience.

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Julia Mendoza Friedman | Filmmaker Q&A


Julia Mendoza Friedman made the film Mi Fango, Mi Cerro for The Latino Experience.

Andres Rovira | Filmmaker Q&A


Filmmaker Andres Rovira made the film Noche Buena for The Latino Experience.

Alejandra Lopez | Filmmaker Q&A


Filmmaker Alejandra Lopez made the film The Blue Cape for The Latino Experience.

Alejandra Vasquez and Sam Osborn | Filmmaker Q&A


Alejandra Vasquez and Sam Osborn made the film Folk Frontera for The Latino Experience.

Dominique Nieves | FIlmmaker Q&A


Dominique Nieves contributed the film Our Lady Lupe to The Latino Experience.

Maria Victoria Ponce | Filmmaker Q&A


Maria Victoria Ponce made Death & Deathability: A Period Piece for The Latino Experience.