Chart the last five years of the women’s movement and its re-energized, intersectional fight for equality. Activists, journalists, entertainers, athletes, and politicians report from the frontlines of the feminist tidal wave.

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MAKERS Women in Politics: Government Shutdown


Female leadership in the Senate start the discussion to end the shutdown.

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MAKERS Women in War: Combat


Makers: Women in War looks at American women’s increasing participation in war and combat

MAKERS Women in War Valerie Plame


Valerie Plame Wilson's career was sabotaged after she was “outed” as a high-level spy

MAKERS Women in Space: Women are here to stay


Makers: Women in Space traces the history of women pioneers in the U.S. space program.

MAKERS Women in Space: Peeing in Space


Women discuss the NASA engineering around going to the bathroom

MAKERS Women in Hollywood Thelma and Louise


Thelma and Louise struck and nerve with male-dominated Hollywood

MAKERS Women in Hollywood: TV Pioneers


TV pioneers like Marlo Thomas and Diahann Carroll opened the door to other women