Nature's Great Race

Follow three iconic animals on three of the world’s most breath-taking wildlife adventures. Across hundreds of miles of Canadian arctic wilderness and African bush, we follow every life and death decision these herds make as they overcome immense obstacles and face fearless predators in a race to reach their destination.

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Meeting Winnie the Zebra


As the zebra gather to leave, the crew gets a chance to meet the individuals.

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Clues to the Zebra Odyssey


Scientists search for clues to the origin of the zebras' urge to migrate.

Awaiting at the Zebra Finish Line


As the zebras get close, lions and dirt fields await them at the migration site.

Caribou Face a Gauntlet of Bears


The grizzles have just woken up from 6 months of hibernation, and they're starving.

The Herd Gets Back on Track


With just 13 days left until they go into labor, this herd still has 180 miles to go.

Bear Gets Too Close for Comfort


In open landscape, a bear has a hard time catching caribou - but not humans.

Encounter with a Musth Bull Elephant


Cameraman Bob Poole attracts the unwanted attention of a musth bull.