PBS Online Film Festival

The PBS Short Film Festival elevates the reach and visibility of independent filmmakers from across the country. Since its inception in 2012, hundreds of films celebrating love, acceptance, family, strength, equality, friendship, loyalty and more have been presented under the festival’s banner. The 2022 festival features “Stories that Stick” to highlight the impact of powerful storytelling.

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Chilly and Milly


The story of a diabetic father with kidney failure and his child.

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On All Fronts


Family member reveals personal experiences never shared before with their loved ones.

Twice as Likely


Why are Black infants twice as likely as White infants to die before their first birthday?

Amplified Voices


A community public mural project amplifies the voices of local artists.

The First Monument


The First Monument explores the commission of a bust of Mr. Newton.

Osage Murders


A documentary focusing on the events that occurred on the Osage reservation in the 1920s.

I'm Free, Now You Are Free


A story about the reunion and repair between a formerly incarcerated political prisoner.