POV (a cinema term for "point of view") is television's longest-running showcase for independent non-fiction films. Since 1988, POV has presented over 500 films to public television audiences across the country. POV films are known for their intimacy, their unforgettable storytelling and their timeliness, putting a human face on contemporary social issues.

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StoryCorps Shorts: Silvia's Legacy


A California teenager gets sent to Louisiana for a summer with her great-grandmother.

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StoryCorps Shorts: The Temple of Knowledge


A story for anyone who’s ever dreamt of spending a night in a library.



A look at the busiest maternity hospital in the world.

StoryCorps Shorts: Tom's War


Tom Geerdes remembers his long journey toward healing after returning home from the war.

Tribal Justice


Two Native American judges work to address the root causes of crime in their communities.

Our Voices Are Rarely Heard


A day-in-the-life inside one of the most notorious supermax prisons in the US.

4.1 Miles


A day in the life of a Greek Coast Guard captain attempting to save thousands of migrants.