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Retro Report makes sense of the present by revealing the past. Join journalists Celeste Headlee and Masud Olufani as they connect the present to the past through four distinct and varied stories, and New Yorker humorist Andy Borowitz adds his signature wit.

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Episode 8


Sex ed; a crime myth; Ryan White’s legacy; napster; Andy Borowitz on bullying.

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The Controversy Over Teaching Teens About Sex


A decades-old battle is re-emerging over how sex is presented in the classroom.

Correcting the Myth of the Superpredator


Flawed research predicting remorseless teen killers led to life sentences.

The Forgotten History of AIDS


H.I.V. rates have fallen in many places, but the AIDS crisis persists in parts of the U.S.

How Napster Stirred Up Entertainment


After Napster, many consumers got used to media on demand. There was no turning back.

The Bullying Industry | Andy Borowitz


New Yorker magazine humorist Andy Borowitz takes a look at a thriving industry: bullying.

Episode 7


Immigration; hot coffee lawsuit; special ops; Challenger legacy; Borowitz on Anita Bryant.