Roadtrip Nation

Through its documentary series and film specials, Roadtrip Nation explores what it means to build a career—and more importantly, a life—around the things you love. Follow the journeys of groups of people as they travel across the country in a green RV, sit down with professionals who share their interests, and gain insight into what it takes to overcome struggle and find personal success.

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Do It Differently


Three young people harness their individuality and redefine what success means to them.

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A Single Mom's Story


How would you balance raising a child on your own and finding your dream job?

At Your Fingertips


Discover the innovative pathways people are carving out in computer science.

Lessons Learned


The team returns home, ready to take their first steps into the future.

Yesterday is Not Tomorrow


The team travels from top banks to IT training companies in search of inspiration.



The team meets an Amazon solutions architect and a political campaign manager.

Taking Off


Meet the team as they embark on a journey to find their place in the workforce.