Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler

Join best-selling author/adventurer Bruce Feiler on an epic journey as he travels with contemporary pilgrims on six historic pilgrimages around the world and explores how these sacred landscapes and revitalized routes are reshaping faith.

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Notes from the Field: The Naked Holy Men (Kumbh Mela)


Learn more about the naked holy men of the Kumbh Mela festival.

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Notes from the Field: Arriving in Osogbo (Osun-Osogbo)


Host Bruce Feiler arrives in the city of Osogbo, Nigeria.

Notes from the Field: Osun's Sacred Bells (Osun-Osogbo)


These sacred bells are a symbol of the Osun-Osogbo festival.

Notes from the Field: The Etrog Man (Jerusalem)


Meet the Etrog Man in Jerusalem, Israel.

Notes from the Field: Tech at The Western Wall (Jerusalem)


Modern technology meets ancient religious rituals at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Notes from the Field: Citizen Journalists (The Hajj)


Technology and social media at the Hajj.

Notes from the Field: Anisa's Story (The Hajj)


Meet journalist and filmmaker Anisa Mehdi.