Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Scientists are just like everyone else -they've got secrets. So who knows what happens when the lab coats come off? Actually, we do. And now you can too. In this series of short, web-exclusive videos, you'll meet intriguing scientists and engineers, and learn about their surprising lives outside the proverbial lab.

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Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin: The Planet 9 Guys


Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin astonish themselves by discovering our 9th planet.

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Simon Singh: Science and Religion Shake Hands


Don't think it's possible? Simon Singh explains how.

Simon Singh: It All Started with the Big Bang


One of Simon Singh's books inspires the Barenaked Ladies to write a sitcom theme.

Simon Singh: D'oh = mc²


Simon Singh discovers that there is an insane amount of math in "The Simpsons."

Matt Denton: How to Make a Lovable Robot


Matt Denton makes BB-8 so lovable that they both wind up on the red carpet.

Matt Denton: Cinema 101: The Uses of Deodorant


Matt Denton stays dry and smells fine with deodorant in his toolkit of cinematic wizardry.

Matt Denton: An Amazing Journey...To a Galaxy Far, Far Away


Matt Denton uses his electronics expertise to engineer a cute little robot named BB-8.