The eight-part series explores the art of music recording, and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the birth of brand new sounds. Featuring more than 160 original interviews with some of the most celebrated recording artists of all time, Soundbreaking explores the nexus of cutting-edge technology and human artistry that has created the soundtrack of our lives.

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The Era of Private Music Listening


Engineer Bob Ludwig traces the rise of the cassette tape.

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The Record Wars and Rock and Roll


Steven Van Zandt traces the birth of the single and the LP.

An Experiment, A “One Off”: Nirvana on MTV Unplugged


Producer Scott Litt and Dave Grohl explore MTV Unplugged.

Jimmy Jam: MTV Was White Rock Music Television


At launch, black artists found themselves excluded from MTV.

The Holy Trinity of Hip Hop and Rap Music Was Three DJs


Public Enemy’s Chuck D. traces the roots of Hip Hop to the Caribbean “toasting” tradition.

Questlove: Rappers Delight Was a War of the Worlds Moment


Chuck D didn't believe there would ever be a good rap record because rap was an "event."

Nile Rodgers: The Crowd Where The Music Never Stops


Nile Rodgers takes us from the hippies of Greenwich Village to Disco and Dance music.