Victorian Slum House

"Victorian Slum House" takes viewers back to the British slums of the 1800s, where a group of modern-day families, couples, and individuals recreate life in London's East End, just as their forbearers once lived between 1860-1900.

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A Surprise Feast from Edward VII


Edward VII's coronation banquet finds its way into the slum.

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A Trip to the Countryside


The slum residents go on a day trip to the countryside.

Andy Loses His Income


Andy loses his livelihood when the doss-house is condemned.

Russell Struggles with Tailoring


Russell's had enough of Victorian tailoring, it's time for a couple of pints.

Food and Jokes to Pay the Rent


The Potters sell sheep trotters on the streets of Spittlefields.

Slum Tourism


The slum dwellers experience the Victorian trend for slum tourism.

Child Labor in Victorian Britain


The Howarths take on extra help and Victorian child labor is food for thought.