The Woodwright's Shop

For more than 37years, Roy Underhill has shared his love of American woodcraft. Using only the hand tools of early America, Roy proves that woodworking doesn’t have to be noisy, dangerous or expensive. His insights into the principles of the craft reveal the enduring relationship between tools and material—between human hands and creations of culture.

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The Venerable Bead


Roy Underhill shows how to cut bead moldings with hand planes for corners that look sharp.

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Combination Planes 37th Season


Can you replace a chest of molding planes with one complex metal contraption?

Brian Boggs, Chairmaker


An Asheville artisan shows the secrets of the steam-bent green-wood chair

Forging the Hold Fast


Haul out the anvil and forge this essential bench tool!

Lumberjack Fan Carving


A Michigan master of folk carving whittles white cedar fans and birds of a wooden feather.

Hand Plane Essentials with Chris Schwarz


Learn how to make gleaming surfaces, tight joints and crisp moldings.

Carving Away with Mary May


Classical carver Mary May gives Roy his first lessons on woodcarving