Nerd Glasses

If you've ever found yourself starting a conversation with "I heard on WGTE..." chances are, you might have a little WGTE nerd in you. A nerd according to Urban Dictionary is someone who enjoys learning. We know our listeners and viewers love learning from our content.  And we love our nerds right back. No matter what WGTE programming helps you get your nerd on, we want to hear all about it. We just might share your story on air. 

To participate:

  1. Fill out the form below, or
  2. Let the world know why you’re a WGTE nerd - share your story on Facebook or tweet us at @wgtepublic using the hashtag #WGTEnerd, or
  3. Call (419) 360-4636 and record your message.

Tell Us What Makes You a WGTE Nerd