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As one of Ohio’s Educational Technology Agencies, the ERC’s mission is to provide services and educational materials which embrace 21st century learning skills and enhance teaching through hands-on learning. Our programs go beyond the “plug and play” of traditional technology training and focus on effective integration strategies, hands-on interaction with technology and alignment to academic content standards. Our affiliates include public and private schools throughout northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. 
Your school or district can benefit greatly from our consultative and professional development services. The ERC offers you the most cost-effective and results-oriented opportunities to improve the quality of your teachers and make them as skilled as possible.


  • On-site Consultation and Evaluation – No Charge!
  • Customized Professional Development and Technology Training
  • Personalized Tech Integration Plans
  • Professional Development Classes include, but are not limited to:
    • iPads and Chromebooks
    • Google’s suite of Apps and Extensions
    • Project-based Learning and Flipped Classroom
    • Digital Citizenship and 21st Century Learning
    • ESL/ELL and Intercultural Needs
    • Makey Makey Coding and Invention Literacy
    • PBS Learning Media Services
    • Social-emotional Health
    • Your Choice!

The ERC is a certified Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) Professional Development Affiliate. With this national certification, we are helping districts not only gain an understanding of what 21st century skills are, but also providing guidance in outlining action plans that assist teachers in using technology to embed these skills within core curriculum. To learn more or to schedule a consultation this summer, please contact the ERC at (419) 380-4633, or,