Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

WGTE Public Media is dedicated to enabling personal development and civic improvement by the innovative use of technology to educate, enlighten, enrich, engage, entertain, empower, and explore.

Vision Statement

WGTE Public Media shall be a trusted, valued, dynamic, and essential resource for quality and innovation.  WGTE Public Media shall pursue excellence as a historian, a story teller, documentarian, educator, and entertainer to sustain a community of lifelong learners.


WGTE Public Media will always be:

  • Civil – by being a positive and constructive force in discourse and in our dealings with others
  • Ethical – with each other and in all business matters
  • Accountable – by being open in our dealings
  • Respectful – of others’ cultures, values, and diversity
  • Independent – by being free of commercial influence
  • Impartial – by being objective, fair, and just in the choice and presentation of content
  • Honest – by having the highest integrity
  • Creative – in order to ensure our success
  • Innovative – in order to best serve our audiences 

Annual Report 2023

Strategic Framework