Business | Life After Hours

“Business | Life After Hours” takes a deep dive into real-life topics at the intersection of business and life - after the work day ends.

“After Hours” accompanies the Business | Life 360 TV program, where Emmy-nominated host Kristi K. will take her success-driven guests into discussions about their lives after hours; struggles, triumphs and challenges.

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Meet Your Host Kristi K.

Kristi K.

Hailing from Toledo, OH, Kristi K. is a Boston University graduate who got her start as a Journalist with WTOL-TV.

After working in corporate America and within the broadcast industry for over 20 years, Kristi was approached by our WGTE president along with an Ohio Congresswoman, and Business | Life 360 was born! Sharing successes and business acumen while letting others shine and being a conduit for stories, discoveries, and knowledge is the heart and joy of Business | Life 360.

When Kristi is not hosting, you can find your host enjoying dark chocolate, her two high-point Siberian cats, taking jogs on the beach and spending time with her family and friends.

You can connect with Kristi on Facebook, Twitter, and her website.