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The definition of biblical HOPE is the anticipation of a favorable outcome under God's guidance. The confidence of hope is never a static or a passive thing. It is dynamic, active, directive and life-sustaining. A Gram of Hope has as its purpose to use the events and experiences of everyday people as a seed of motivation to other everyday people that by hearing the stories of our guests and being exposed to the resources provided by our guests everyday people will hopefully be inspired to believe that they too, can realize the manifestation of the full development of their abilities and hopefully gain a true appreciation for life.

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Meet Your Host Jerome Graham

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Jerome Graham grew up in Toledo and fondly remembers spending his summers in Woodville, Ohio. In 1977, Graham graduated from Penta County Vocational School with a degree in business. He then enrolled in Owens Community College and graduated with an Associate’s of Applied Business, majoring in Marketing and Sales.
Graham worked for many other stations in Toledo and Detroit and is now a Marketing Consultant for Glass City Radio Broadcasting in Toledo and host of the community affairs program Urban Beat. He is associate minister at Indiana Avenue Missionary Baptist church and former Pastor of True Vine MBC. He is an active member of both the Toledo Interdenominational Alliance, and The Baptist Ministers Foresight.
Paying the blessing forward by helping persons in need has been the guiding principle in Graham’s professional and personal life.

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