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Building Cooking Confidence with 'America's Test Kitchen'

This episode is for anyone who desires more confident cooking skills. 'America's Test Kitchen' hosts, Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison, join Kristi on this special episode.

Finding Your Deeper Alignment

Kristi speaks with JJ DiGeronimo, Author, Speaker and Founder of "Together We Seek" and "Tech Savvy Women."

Meet Your Host Kristi K.

Business Life 360 with Kristi K

Kristi K. graduated from Boston University and got her career started as a journalist with WTOL-TV back home in Toledo.

After working in Toledo for over 20 years, she began working with WGTE as the host of Business | Life 360. Sharing successes and business acumen while letting her incredible guests share stories, discoveries, and knowledge is the heart and joy of Business | Life 360.

When she is not hosting BL360, you can find her enjoying dark chocolate, time with her cats, taking jogs on the beach and spending time with her family and friends. 

You can connect with Kristi on Facebook, Twitter and her website.