The Best of 2023 – Owning It

By Fritz ByersIf someone tells you they understand the current music landscape, they’re bragging.  And if they tell you they know what it will look like by the end of the decade, they’re lying.

The decline of major record labels that record, promote, and distribute jazz is an inarguable fact, and the trend has been burbling for most of my adult life. Read More

WGTE's 2023 Wrapped

WGTE had an amazing year! Here's to 2024!  Read More

The Best of 2023, from a committed avant-gardist

By Rob Michaels (Jazz Spectrum Listener)

I’m a longtime jazz (and other music) fanatic, a vinyl addict, and a friend of Fritz’s.  I’m honored to present my top ten new and newly discovered or reissued jazz recordings of the year:New New
Natural Information Society – Since Time is Gravity (Eremite)
jaimie branch – Fly or Die or Fly or Die or Fly or Die ((World War)) (International Anthem) Read More

This Week on Jazz Spectrum – A Sampler of Holiday Jazz

By Fritz ByersJudging by the torrent of holiday jazz releases over the last decade, there must be a market for the genre. The remainder of this paragraph, discussing markets, genres, and artistic pandering, is being self-censored. That’s because the thoughts don’t apply to the holiday-themed music you’ll hear this week on Jazz Spectrum and Jazz Spectrum Overnight. Both shows are chock-a-block with great musicians having fun with, and finding fascination in, the familiar songs of the season. Elsewhere on the site, you’ll find the Jazz Spectrum playlist. Read More

“Rethinking Jails + Justice” Press Release

WGTE PUBLIC MEDIA TO HOST FREE COMMUNITY TOWN HALL EVENT TO DISCUSS CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORMThe “Rethinking Jails + Justice” project is in collaboration with The Board of Lucas County Commissioners and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Safety + Justice ChallengeTOLEDO, OHIO – January 8, 2024 – Beginning in January 2024, WGTE Public Media, in collaboration with The Board of Lucas County Commissioners and the John D. and Catherine T. Read More

This Week on Jazz Spectrum – The Spirit of Live Recordings

By Fritz ByersAt its core, jazz is an improvisational music. I believe I read about fifty years ago that the projectivist poet Charles Olson said something to the effect that if you say the same thing twice, you’ve lied. Read More

Win Tickets to Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo

Enter to win a family 5 pack of tickets to the Toledo Zoo's Lights Before Christmas. Contest begins Tuesday, December 12 and ends on Thursday, December 14 at 11:59 p.m. The winner will be drawn on Friday, December 15 and the tickets will be mailed the same day, December 15.  One entry per person. Read More

Christmas Carol Mad Libs

Begin by printing out this worksheet. Ask a friend for the requested word forms, noted in parentheses, and fill out the lyrics as you go. When you’re finished, be sure to serenade them with your new Christmas hit! May your days be even merrier with this bit of musical silliness.  Read More

Phil Haynes: An accomplished drummer invites us into his world

Photograph by René Pierre Allain
By Fritz Byers
The drummer Phil Haynes has long had a comfortable spot on Jazz Spectrum playlists. If memory serves, I first featured him in 2000, when Phil Haynes Free Country, Phil’s free-spirited eclectic quartet, released its eponymous debut. Read More