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Jodie L. Summers; Of Trauma and the Spoken Truth

Jodie L Summers

Jodie L. Summers, aka J Summers, Child of the System better known as Spoken Truth, is a Toledo area poet, spoken word performer, and artist. He was raised by PBS and performs 350 shows per year, ranging from the big stage, to poetry readings across the world, and even in the backseat of Ubers. J's poetry is his means to understand life and confront childhood trauma.

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Meet Your Host Curtis Deeter

Proud to be of rust and glass

Curtis A. Deeter is an internationally published author of fantasy, science fiction and horror. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Midwest publication Of Rust and Glass. When he is not reading or writing, he enjoys spending time with his family, discovering new music, and taste-testing craft beers at local breweries.

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