Electronic Currents

Mixing Board

Fridays 10 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Your home for Electronic Dance Music - from the rhythmic energy of House to the soaring melodies of Epic Trance; the skipping beats of drum and bass and the mellow soundscapes of chill-out. 


“Amber (Extended Mix)” by Evgeny Lebedev
“Chem-EX (Extended Mix)” by Joseph Ray
“Carry On (Extended Mix)” by DT8 Project
“Slowly Burning” by Cristoph feat. Jem Cooke
“How Does Your House Work (Moof’s Extended Mix)” by Chicane, Barbarella
“What About Your Friends” by Block & Crown
“Cold Little Heart” by Martina Budde
“Make It Better (Extended Mix)” by Sante Cruze
“Lose Control” by Becky Hill, Goodboys, Meduza Music
“Speechless (Lucas & Steve Extended Remix)” by Robin Schulz feat. Erika Sirola
“Footprints (Extended Mix)” by Morgan Page, HALIENE
“Colors (Extended Mix)” by Suyano & Wasback feat. Daimy Lotus
“Over Life (Extended Mix)” by Distrion with Jack & James
“Messiah” by Joris Voorn feat. Haelos
“Fiji (Kolonie Extended Remix)” by Atlantis
“Together Alone (Extended Mix)” by Costa, Jo Cartwright
“Little White Lies (Club Mix)” by Holy Waters
“Omega Six” by Brian Kearney, FAC3OFF
“Crashing Into Love (Extended Mix)” by Lost Witness
“Without You (Extended Instrumental Mix)” by Simon Bostock feat. Fisher
“Sky Juice (Extended Mix)” by Steve Allen, Shedona
“Be With You (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)” by Sneijder, Karen Kelly
“Gron” by Hosini & Jones
“Harmonious (Slow Mix)” by Baunder, Interaxxis
“The Journey” by Robert Nickson, Astroleaf
“Small Moments” by Above & Beyond


“They Are On Me” by Jhonatan Ghersi
“Balance” by Nick Warren, Nicolas Rada
“Tomorrow (Extended Mix)” by Grum
“8 Bit Eclipse (Kander & Morning Delusions Remix)” by Quivver
“Take You Home (Undercatt Remix)” by Dido
“Sing It Back” by Jerome Robins
“Waking Up (Extended)” by MJ Cole, Cedric Gervais, Freya Ridings
“Rising Up (Rockefeller Extended Remix)” by Bart B More, Chocolate Puma
“Cannot Stop Me (On My Mind)” by Luca Debonaire
“Always Spinnin’ Around” by Block & Crown, Martina Budde
“There’s Only You (Crystal Skies Remix)” by Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston
“Whisper To Me (Telomic Remix)” by Pola & Bryson, Sammie Bella
“When You Know What Love Is (Majestic Remix)” by Craig David
“Every Word” by Matt Lange feat. Kerry Leva
“Just A Dream (Nitrous Oxide Extended Remix)” by Late Night Alumni, Lipless
“Between The Truth & The Lie (Beatsole Extended Mix)” by Patrik Humann, Isabel Oliver
“Stay With Me (Adrian Alexander Extended Remix)” by Monoverse, Cammie Robinson
“Kiksuya (Extended Mix)” by Astony
“Gridlock” by Robert Nickson
“I’m Coming Home (Limelght Extended Mix)” by Nicholas Gunn, Alina Renae
“Silver Lining (Extended Mix)” by Ahmed Romel, Jennifer Rene
“All I Want (Extended Mix)” by Ciaran McAuley, Clare Stagg
“Where We Dream” by Solar Movement
“Aeons (Tom Day Remix)” by Ryan Davis
“Avril” by Third Son
“Isla Blanca (Aerosoul Chillout Remix)” by Aerosoul


“Mindfulness (Imran Khan Remix)” by Savvas
“Lost In Us (Extended Mix)” by LTN, Michele C
“Birthright (Danijel Kostic Remix)” by Nora En Pure
“Skydive {Paul Thomas & Bluum’s Midnight Extended Remix)” by Freefall feat. Jan Johnston
“Ineffable” by Stan Kolev
“Disco Nights (Block & Crown Club Mix)” by Popcorn Poppers
“I’m Running (Original Club Mix)” by The Giver
“Lose Control” by Becky Hill, Goodboys, & Meduza Music
“No More Time (Original club Mix)” by Fort Arkansas
“Love You forever (Metrush Extended Remix)” by Nicky Romero & Stadium X feat. Sam Martin
“Shine (Extended Mix)” by Marcus Santoro, Sentinel
“Long Way Home (Extended Mix)” by Lucas & Steve, Deepend
“Footprints (Extended Mix)” by Morgan Page, HALIENE
“Thine Eyes (Extended Mix)” by Michael Fearon
“Delirium (Extended Mix)” by Shane 54 feat. Clara Sofie
“Help Is On The Way (Extended Mix)” by Attila Syah feat. Daniel Rimaldi
“Emily’s Lullaby (Progressive Extended Mix)” by Benya & Daniel Kandi feat. Sara Houston
“Mirai (Extended Mix)” by Axis
“Ocean Flame” by Roger Shah, Kristina Sky
“I Got You (Eloquentia Extended Remix)” by Drival, Jennifer Rene
“Crashing Into Love (Extended Mix)” by Lost Witness
“Hide In Plain Sight (Extended Mix)” by Jericho Frequency, Amelie Mae
“Hey Yourself (Extended Mix)” by Misja Helsloot
“Pulse” by Neptune Project, Polly Strange
“I Can’t Believe It’s Over” by Bent
“With You” by Bigasti, Balad


“Image Of Emptiness” by McVinski, Meeting Molly
“Sleep” by A.M.R.
“Tidal Force” by David Broaders
“You And I (Extended Mix)” by Eli & Fur
“Balance” by Nick Warren, Nicolas Rada
“Louder (Extended Mix)” by Sultan & Shepard
“Crossfire” by Salvo, Robby East
“Do It For Love” by Mr. Belt & Wezol feat. Sander Nijbroek
“We Are the Greatest (Extended Version)” by Keanu Silva, Richard Judge
“If You Love Me (Joe Stone Extended VIP Mix)” by Deepend, Joe Stone, & Bazzflow
“Not Like That” by Soulecta feat. Leanne Louise
“Supernova” by Hybrid Minds, Catching Cairo
“Come Fly Away” by Veela, Invermere
“There’s Only You (Crystal Skies Remix)” by Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston
“Searching (Daxson Extended Remix)” by Markus Schulz, Dakota
“The Sky (Extended Mix)” by Natune, Michael Milov
“Neon Skies (Harry Square Extended Remix)” by Lostly feat. Claire Willis
“Surrender (Alex Sonata & The Rio Extended Remix)” by Darude & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Foux
“Cosmos (Extended Mix)” by Armin Van Buuren pres. RIsing Star feat. Alexandra Badoi
“Transcend (ReOrder Extended Remix)” by Cascade
“You Light Up The Night (Richard Durand Extended Remix)” by Markus Schulz feat. Alina Eremia
“Walk Between Your Shadows (Extended Mix)” by Stargazers, Neev Kennedy
“Haunted (Extended Mix)” by Sue McLaren
“Homecoming” by Above & Beyond
“Scared” by Vince Forwards
“Space Traffic Control” by Robert Nickson
“Transmission” by BT
“Let Me Live Free” by ElDera