Electronic Currents

Mixing Board

Fridays 10 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Your home for Electronic Dance Music - from the rhythmic energy of House to the soaring melodies of Epic Trance; the skipping beats of drum and bass and the mellow soundscapes of chill-out. 


“Yoruba (Extended Mix)” by Braxton
“Deadline” by Port Manteau
“We Are Free (Extended Mix)” by Vintage & Morelli
“Blue Moon” by Damien Spencer, Paul Sawyer
“Release Urself” by Disco Darlings, Soul Chaser
“Flowers At My Balcony (extended Mix)” by Paul Rudder, Cohen
“Always (Tommy Theo Club Mix)” by Waze & Odyssey
“Church Lady” by Dennis Ferrer
“Vibes (Extended Mix)” by Jay Hardway
“Meet Again (Kosling Extended Remix)” by Mark Sixma feat. Anvy
“I Just Got 2 (Extended Mix)” by Dazz, Calvo, & Salena Mastroianni
“Together (Extended Mix)” by Manse feat. David Shane
“Something Real” by Jody Wisternoff feat. Jinadu
“Fly To New York (Above & Beyond’s Extended Club Mix)” by Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston
“Phantom (Extended Mix)” by Eximinds, Mark Wild, & Eldream
“Live for Tonight (Extended Mix)” by Super8 & Tab, Jess Ball
“It’ll End In Tears (Extended Mix)” by Christina Novelli
“Icicles (Extended Mix)” by Bjorn Akesson, Rinaly
“Afterlight (Extended Club Mix)” by Jorn Van Deynhoven, Clara Yates
“Frozen” by Natalie Gioia and Ultimate & Moonsouls
“You’ll Be OK (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)” by Gareth Emery feat. Annabel
“Sand & Senses” by Trumpet Man
“Skin & Bone” by Fenna Day
“The Sense Of Life” by Jorn Van Deynhoven
“Unravel Me (Mardven Chill Out Mix)” by Johan Vilborg, Linney
“Stay Home & Chill” by RunSQ


“Apricot Tree” by Hraach
“I’ve Been Letting Go Of You (Kobana Extended Vocal Remix)” by Aftruu feat. Astroleaf
“Gold (Extended Mix)” by PRAANA, Moore
“For Those We Knew” by Jody Wisternoff feat. Mimi Page
“Distant Moments” by GMJ, Matter
“In The Air Tonight (Croatia Squad Extended Remix)” by Nora En Pure, Lika Morgan
“Love Me No More” by Block & Crown
“Nobody (Extended Mix)” by Gorgon City, Drama
“Drop The Pressure (Extended Version)” by Mylo, Claptone
“Diamonds And Pearls” by B15 Project, McLaren
“Fall Beneath You” Keeno feat. Etherwood
“Higher Love” by Hybrid Minds, Charlotte Haining
“Another Way” by Seven Lions feat. April Bender
“Yet Another Life (Extended Mix)” by Ron with Leeds & Cosmaks
“Love Is Not Enough (Above & Beyond’s Extended Club Mix)” by Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston
“Long Way Down (Extended Mix)” by Somna, Enzo, & Roxanne Emery
“Dreams (Extended Mix)” by ALPHA 9
“Revival (Extended Mix)” by Yoshi, Razner
“Lullaby (NoMosk Extended Remix)” by Roman Messer, Roxanne Emery
“All Smoke & Mirrors (Extended Mix)” by Danny Eaton, Fenna Day
“Turning Point (Billy Gillies Remix)” by Mercurial Virus
“If I Knew It Was The Last Time” by Sunny Lax
 “Vuela Alto” by Blank & Jones, Franco De Mulero
“Turn Me On (Acoustic Version)” by Riton & Oliver Heldens feat. Vula
“Loneliness Won’t Leave Me Alone” by Dark Matters, Neev Kennedy
“The Future Is Now (Extended Mix)” by Jorn Van Deynhoven


“People Hold On (Stan Kolev Remix)” by Coldcut, Lisa Stansfield
“Lost Time (D-Formation & GRAZZE Remix)” by Betoko feat. Shyam P
“Gallardo” by Oliver & Tom
“The Spark” by Jody Wisternoff feat. Christian Burns
“Crossroads” by Massane
“Show Me Luv” by Nhan Solo & Dilby pres. SUNCHLD
“Call It Love (DeFunkt Remix)” by Paul Morrell
“Make A Move (Extended Mix)” by Max Chapman, ThreeSix
“Sing It Back (Extended Mix)” by Moreno Pezzolato
“Destiny (Extended Mix)” by Nicky Romero & Deniz Koyu feat. Alexander Tidebrink
“Someone To Love You (Extended Mix)” by Tritonal, Brooke Williams
“Forever (Extended Mix)” by Vanto & Jimmy Clash feat. Maria Mathea
“Close To Me (Extended Mix)” by Sunny Lax
“Cold Feet (Above & Beyond’s Extended Club Mix)” by Above & Beyond feat. Justine Suissa
“Particles (Extended Mix)” by Factor B, HIGHLANDR
“RED (Extended Mix)” by Lumisade
“From The Inside” by Brian Kearney
“Find Me (Eugenio Tokarev Extended Remix)” by Shogun feat. Tania Zygar
“All The Dreams We Shared (Extended Mix)” by Talla 2xlc
“Watch The Way You Move” by Craig Connelly feat. Natalie Major
“Lost In Us (A.R.D.I. Extended Remix)” by LTN, Michele C
“Morning Daze” by Allay feat. Narrow Skies
“We Got Love (Acoustic)” by Sigala, Ella Henderson
“Release Me” by Crystal Skies feat. Gallie Fisher
“Need You” by Nya Bloom


“Under The Radar (Extended Mix)” by Andre Sobota
“Escape” by MeHiLove
“Carry Me (Extended Mix)” by Dezza feat. Mike Schmid
“Blue Moon” by Damien Spencer, Paul Sawyer
“Bailalo” by Cato Anaya, Styline
“La Vida Es Un Carnaval” by Maurizio Basilotta, Fabio Esse
“La Pluma (Extended Mix)” by Stevie Crash & David Novacek feat. Martina Camargo
“Lavitabella” by Martina Budde & Alexander Cruel feat. Heike Schumann
“Tell Me” by Blakk Habit
“Saving Your Soul (Extended Mix)” by Steff De Campo
“In The Moment” by Bcee, Charlotte Haining, & Tempza
“Crusade” by Degs feat. In:Most
“1 (One) AM In Paris (Extended Mix)” by BT, Matt Fax
“On My Own” by Lustral, DT8 Project
“Feel Your Light (Extended Mix)” by Costa, Ellem
“There’s Only You (Above & Beyond’s Extended Club Mix)” by Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston
“Sense (Cris Grey Extended Mix)” by Adam Morris and Kiyoi & Eky
“Let It Shine (Extended Mix)” by Suncatcher, Exolight, & Ellie Lawson
“The Perfect Storm (Chris Element Extended Mix)” by Stargazers, Sue McLaren
“Icicles (Extended Mix)” by Bjorn Akesson, Rinaly
“Approaching” by Data Rebel & Jani R
“Light Years” by Zetandel & Tiff Lacey
“Are You A Stranger (Cyclimen Chill Out Remix)” by Stargazers, Waitin Jay


“Through And Through (Extended Mix)” by Leaving Laurel
“I’ve Been Letting Go Of You (Kobana Extended Vocal Remix)” by Aftruu feat. Astroleaf
“Agitiation” by Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind
“Rainbow” by El Mundo
“The Magic (Extended Mix)” by Christian Burns
“Showin’ Me The way (To The Light) (Club Mix)” by Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa
“Oye Como Va” by Jackers Revenge
“Always (Tommy Theo Club Mix)” by Waze & Odyssey
“Touch Me (PAX & Rui Da Silva Extended Version)” by PAX & Rui Da Silva
“Faith (Extended Mix)” by Futuristic Polar Bears, LUX
“Superhuman (Kosling Extended Edit)” by Thomas Gold, David Shane
“Erase You (Extended Mix)” by KAAZE, Millennial
“Break Me Down” by Pigalle feat. Norah B
“Cyclical Nature” by Uun
“Beside You (Extended Mix)” by Somna, Noire Lee
“Born Yesterday (Extended Mix)” by Tritonal, Brigetta
“Alchemy (Above & Beyond’s Extended Club Mix)” by Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston
“Join Me (Extended Mix)” by Nikolauss
“Strangers” by Amos & Riot Night feat. Claire Willis
“Laserface 02 (Thoughts In Pieces) (Extended Mix)” by Gareth Emery
“What Are You Waiting For” by Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise
“Yes I Can (Extended Mix)” by BiXX
“Morning U” by Jody Wisternoff
“Little Dreams” by Koelle feat. Elli
“Falling Leaves” by Zetandel & Tiff Lacey
“Scorned” by Data Rebel & Jani R


“Chiaroscuro (Extended Mix)” by Braxton
“Home” by Adriatique, Delhia De France, & Marino Canal
“Solar Sail” by DAVI
“Four Walls (Lost Desert Remix)” by Nohan
“Crossroads” by Massane
“I Pray” by FormulaK feat. Tess Leah
“Tonight (Extended Mix)” by Mark Knight feat. Mr. V & Chenai
“Let Me Love You” by Richard Grey, Lissat
“Love Me No More” by Block & Crown
“Denial (Mikey B & Motion Remix)” by Shanesa
“Don’t Ever” by Hybrid Minds, Drs
“Back To Life” by Maduk feat. Dan Soleil
“Leave It All Behind (Nurko Remix)” by Trivecta feat. Fagin
“Becoming (Extended Mix)” by Aurosonic, Ellie Lawson
“Kingdom Burns (Extended Mix)” by Factor B, HIGHANDR
“Lost At Sea (Extended Mix)” by Michael Fearon & Euphoric Nation feat. Theresia
“Time (Extended Mix)” by C-Systems, Hanna Finsen
“Illumination (Extended Mix)” by Adam Taylor
“I Can’t Tell (Ferry Tayle Extended Remix)” by Dan Stone, Victoriya
“We Are The World (Extended Mix)” by ReOrder feat. Bo Bruce
“Smoke (F.G. Noise Remix)” by Trance Arts, Kirsty Hawkshaw, & Jan Johnston
“Clouds (Isolation Jam)” by Etherwood feat. Phoebe Freya
“Leap Of Faith (Sadege Chill Out Remix)” by Kaimo K, Gemma Pavlovic
“Lost In Space (Lovers & Poets Remix)” by Julian Vincent, Shannon Hurley
“Painting Skies” by Cold Blue


“What Is Real (Deep In The Playa Mix)” by Rodriguez Jr., Liset Alea
“Away With Me (Fideles Extended Mix)” by Ross Quinn
“I Saw Your Face” by Gareth Emery
“We Are Free (Extended Mix)” by Vintage & Morelli
“Orbital Hypnosis (Erly Tepshi Remix)” by Colyn
“Take Me Up (Club Mix)” by DJ Gozzi, New Odinance, & DaChonne Nicole
“If It’s Love” by Mark Knight feat. Laura Davie & The Melody Men
“Coco Jambo (Club Mix)” by Back, EM PI
“Verao (Extended Mix)” by Gregor Salto 
“Sweet Mistake (Extended Mix)” by KAAZE, Marf
“Million Miles (Extended Mix)” by Mark Sixma
“Lay Your Head On Me (Big Kid Big Room Mix)” by Major Lazer, Marcus Mumford
“Dagger (Extended Mix)” by Costa, Hysteria!
“Together (Rise Together Extended Mix)” by Markus Schulz, Jared Lee
“Long Way Down (Extended Mix)” by Somna, Enzo, & Roxanne Emery
“There’s A Storm (Extended Mix)” by Alex Leavon, Kimberly Hale
“8:06 (Extended Mix)” by Nikolauss
“You’re In My Orbit (Extended Mix)” by Metta & Glyde, & Imi
“Till The Night Closes In (Extended Mix)” by Leroy Moreno, Waitin Jay
“Ocean Breeze (Extended Mix)” by Cold Blue
“I Must Have Dreamt About You” by John Beltran
“Afterglow (Etherwood Jam Version)” by Etherwood
“Cosmos” by Zetandel, Tiff Lacey
“Reach Out To Me (Sadege Chill Out Remix)” by Cathy Burton
“Recovery (Chill Mix)” by Cold Blue