Electronic Currents

Mixing Board

Fridays 10 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Your home for Electronic Dance Music - from the rhythmic energy of House to the soaring melodies of Epic Trance; the skipping beats of drum and bass and the mellow soundscapes of chill-out. 


“Love Is Not Enough (A.M.R. Extended Mix)” by Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston
“Holding On (Extended Mix)” by Braxton, Lauren L’aimant
“Leave You (Extended Mix)” by Einmusik, Lexer, & Jyll
“Aquatic (Extended Mix)” by Nora En Pure
“Walk The Line” by Eli & Fur
“Dream On Dreamer” by Yvvan Back, Zetaphunk
“Keep This Fire Burning (Voost Extended Remix)” by Bolier, Joe Stone
“You Saw Me (Extended Mix)” by Mark Knight feat. Damon Trueitt
“Try My Love (Extended Mix)” by Ian Green feat. Cat Delphi
“Don’t Wait (Extended Mix)” by Mesto & Dastic feat. Claudy
“Chasing Bliss (Extended Mix)” by ANG & BlackCode feat. Alessa
“Feel Alive (Extended Mix)” by Markus Schiulz, London Thor, & Valentino Alessandrini
“Pleasure Or Pain (Extended Mix)” by Kryder, Mark Roma
“Biding Time (Extended Mix)”  by Amy Wiles
“Echoes (Extended Mix)” by Michael Angelo, Sharon Valerona
“Playing With Fire (Maglev Extended Remix)” by Dennis Sheperd, EKE
“Right Now (Extended Mix)” by Somna, Blu Eyes
“Lost (Nils Hoffmann Club Mix)” by Sunlounger, Zara
“Tears Away (Extended Mix)” by Nord Horizon
“You’ll Be OK (Jorn Van Deynhoven Extended Remix)” by Gareth Emery feat. Annabel
“Think Of You (Madwave Extended Remix)” by Tastexperience feat. Sara Lones
“Burning Game (Extended Mix)” by Alan Morris, Fenna Day
“Distant Shores” by Jani R, Kevin Paczesny
“As You Fall” by Bent
“Secret (Chillout Mix)” by Somna, HALIENE
“Pillow Talk” by Martin Roth


“Lakota (Extended Mix)” by Passenger 10
“Replace You (Extended Mix)” by Bound To Divide, Lumynesynth
“Rapture (Extended Mix)” by Kryder, Natalie Shay
“Ahora Todo Va (Gorgon City Remix)” by Dennis Cruz, Josh Butler
“Calling You (Extended Mix)” by Kennedy One feat. Shelley Harland
“Set Free (Club Mix)” by Harry Bolton & Keepin It Heale feat. Kate Aster
“Never Let Me Down (Extended Mix)” by Gorgon City, Hayley May
“Stars (Extended Mix)” by Tommy Jayden, IMPVLZ
“Star To Fall” by Block & Crown
“Crazy” by Mikey B, Local, & Emma Cannon
“I Will Wave To You” by Etherwood
“Bad To Me” by Hybrid Minds feat. Grace Grundy
“Real Me (Extended Mix)” by Man Cub, Meggie York
“Life On Fire (Extended Mix)” by BUDD
“You Are Loved (Behind The Horizon) (Extended Mix)” by Costa, Veronica K
“Tale Of Us (Progressive Mix)” by Aurosonic, Katty Heath
“Safe On Both Sides (Extended Mix)” by Andy Moor
“Spirit (Extended Mix)” by Alan Morris
“Someone Else’s Lover (Dennis Pedersen Extended Remix)” By Raz Nitzan, Neev Kennedy
“Not Afraid To Fall (The WLT Extended Remix)” By Markus Schulz, Christina Novelli
“Beside You (Sean Tyas Extended Magikal Mix)” by Somna, Noire Lee
“Gazing At Space” by Aleyum
“Mountain Wave (Sunlounger Remix)” by Roger Shah, George Jema
“Sail Away (Chill Out Mix)” by Sunlounger feat. Susie Ledge


“Airwave (Jiminy Hop Remix)” by WNDLN
“Unfolding (Extended Mix)” by GRAZZE & Deeparture feat. Dan Soleil
“Lose Your Head (CamelPhat Extended Remix)” by London Grammar
“I Lost Myself” by JFR
“Someone Needs A Hero (Extended Mix)” by Francesco Sambero, Katrine Stenbekk
“Meant To Be (Extended Mix)” by Da Funk Junkies
“Every Little Thing You Want (Original Vocal Mix)” by DJ Shu-Ma
“Cyclone (My Heart) (Club Mix)” by MDB, Ethan James
“Keep Me Up (Extended Mix)” by Arno Skali, Kriss Norman
“Closer (Extended Mix)” by Flashmob
“For You (Extended Mix)” by WINARTA
“In Heaven (Extended Mix)” by Trilane, Charlie Ray, & Robin Sherpa feat. Jordan Grace
“Nobody Like You (Extended Mix)” by Kosling & Bmark feat. Robbie Rosen
“Summer Breeze (Extended Mix)” by Fast Distance, feat. Jennifer Rene
“I Remember (Extended Mix)” by Costa, Sarah Russell
“Runaway Girl (DJ Version)” by Kyau & Albert
“Nothing To Lose (Extended Mix)” by Awakend (CQ), Ava Silver
“Within Starlight (Extended Mix)” by Eximinds, Gallen Rho
“I Feel You (Nord Horizon Extended Mix)” by 4 Strings, Susanne Teutenberg
“More (Ferry Tayle Extended Remix” by Somna, Blu Eyes
“Red Sun Rising 2020 (Extended Mix)” by Lost Witness, Tracey Carmen
“Perfect Picture (Extended Mix)” by James Kitcher, Adam Taylor, & Jan Johnston
“I Can Feel You” by Approaching Black
“Landslide (Seven24 & EMIOL Remix)” by Emerge, Jennifer Rene
“Think Of You (Acoustic Mix)” by Tastexperience, Sara Lones
“Ocean Of You (Album Mix)” by Costa


“Storyteller” by Shai T
“Leave You (Extended Mix)” by Einmusik, Lexer, & Jyll
“Truth (Odsen Extended Mix)” by Christian Burns
“Halo (eleven.five Remix)” by Mhammed El Alami, Nathan Red
“Sweet Little Lies (Johan Vilborg Extended Remix)” by Steve Brian, Renee
“If You Wait (Riva Starr Remix)” by London Grammar
“Everybody Dancin’ (Laurent Simeca & Stephan M Remix)” by Les Bisous
“Dreams” by Ken Holland feat. Ella Caulker
“Dream On Dreamer” by Yvvan Back, Zetaphunk
“Waiting For You” by Trivecta & Last Heroes feat. RUNN
“Complicated” by Mango
“Walking On Water” by Bcee, Charlotte Haining
“Heavy Right Now” by Hayve, Imallryt
“Lost (Nils Hoffmann Club Mix)” by Sunlounger, Zara
“Lighthouse” by Bobina, Elles De Graaf
“September (Extended Mix)” by  Super8 & Tab and Tom Fall feat. London Thor
“After Life (Extended Mix)” by Nima Van Ghavim
“From Within (Extended Mix)” by Ciaran McAuley
“Snow Angels (Extended Mix)” by Raz Nitzan, Stine Grove
“Ocean Wave (Extended Mix)” by 4 Strings, Susanne Teutenberg
“Flying With You (Extended Mix)” by Corrie Theron
“The First Year” by Somna, Cari
“Heaven (Sadege Chill Out Remix)” by Cathy Burton
“Shelter Me (Moonnight Remix)” by Dart Rayne, Yura Moonlight & Cate Kanell
“The Landslide (Deme3us Chill Out Remix)” by Tycoos, Jan Johnstone


“Silent Summer” by Budakid
“The Worship (Patrice Baumel Extended Remix)” by AVIRA, Diana Miro
“Run Away (Extended Mix)” by Tinlicker, Ben Bohmer, & Felix Raphael
“Quid Pro Quo” by Savrun Brothers
“Shadow On The Sun” by Sixth Ocean feat. Leo Islo
“Just Be Good To Me” by Block & Crown feat. Linda Victoria
“Your Love” by Sentinel Groove
“Heaven Earth (Extended Mix)” by Laurent Simeca, Stephan M
“Long Train Running” Ben Rainey & Bissett feat. TRP
“All Cried Out (Extended Club Mix)” by Lucas & Steve & AlterBoyz
“Back To You (Extended Mix)” by Nicky Romero
“Be The Same (Extended Mix)” by Timmo Hendriks, Lindequist
“Acrylic (Extended Mix)” by NERVO, Jess Ball
“Hello Sunrise (Club Mix)” by Sunlounger
“Don’t Look Down (Extended Mix)” by Chicane
“Nepal (Extended Mix)” by Steve Brian, Brendan Mignacca
“Let Me Go (Extended Mix)” by Hausman
“Awaken Joy (Extended Mix)” by Ferry Tayle
“Beside You (Sean Tyas Extended Magikal Mix)” by Somna, Noire Lee
“How Did We Get Here (Extended Mix)” by Steve Byers
“Rivers (Extended Mix)” by Trance Wax, Moya Brennan
“Om” by Tastexperience
“One And The Same” by Helios
“Honeycomb” by Lake Turner
“Sunfall” by BT