Wednesday, September 27, 2023 / 5:30 pm

Family Travel with Colleen Kelly

Marine Life in the Bahamas

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There's more to Atlantis Paradise Island than meets the eye. Join Colleen, her daughter and niece, as they learn all about the wonders of marine life through Atlantis' marine life rehabilitation program in Nassau, Bahamas. Colleen and the girls will learn how to cook the local cuisine, assist in a genuine sea turtle rescue and release, be educated on the care of sea lions, replant coral to help better our environment, go on a special twilight snorkeling excursion, and learn all about the Bahmian culture. Of course, they'll also enjoy some fun in the sun at the beaches, and even slide through a clear tunnel at their waterpark, where they'll be surrounded by 360 degrees of stunning aquamarine life!


Length: 00:26:46 / Episode: 604

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