Wednesday, September 27, 2023 / 11:30 am

Pinkalicious & Peterrific

The Legend of Pinkfoot/Flossie The Mossling

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While camping, Daddy tells the story of the legend of Pinkfoot, a pinkerocious creature with seven toes on her giant feet! To their surprise, Pinkalicious and Peter actually meet Pinkfoot and soon learn a legend can be very different from reality. / Pinkalicious and Peter meet a mossling named Flossie who hears musical sounds in her stream. But when the stream dries up, Flossie becomes sad. Will Pinkalicious and Peter be able to cheer Flossie up?

Channel: WGTE HD

Length: 00:28:46 / Episode: 137

Previous Episodes

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30.1Wed08/24/202211:30 am
30.2Thu09/01/20223:00 pm
30.2Thu09/01/202211:00 pm
30.1Tue09/13/202211:30 am
30.2Mon01/16/202312:30 pm
30.2Mon01/16/20238:30 pm
30.2Tue01/17/20234:30 am
30.1Tue01/24/202311:30 am
30.2Wed03/29/20237:30 am
30.2Fri05/12/20238:00 am
30.1Tue06/13/202311:30 am
30.2Fri07/07/20237:30 am
30.2Mon08/28/20237:30 am
30.1Wed09/27/202311:30 am
30.2Mon10/16/20238:00 am
30.2Thu12/14/20237:30 am