Wednesday, September 27, 2023 / 8:00 am

Wild Kratts

Puffin Rescue

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When a rogue wave crashes into the Tortuga, the Wild Kratts get separated. Jimmy and Aviva end up on rafts in the middle of the ocean. Koki is trapped on a sinking Tortuga. While Chris and Martin end up on two islands. Chris is alone on his island, but Martin isn't. He soon discovers a creature friend - a Puffin! Martin begins to devise a plan to use the powers of this little bird to get off the island and rescue his friends. Science Concept : Adaptation.

Channel: WGTE HD

Length: 00:28:46 / Episode: 407

Previous Episodes

30.1Wed01/18/20177:00 am
30.2Wed01/18/20177:00 pm
30.2Thu01/19/20173:00 am
30.2Thu01/19/20177:30 pm
30.2Fri01/20/20173:30 am
30.2Sun01/22/20177:30 pm
30.2Mon01/23/20173:30 am
30.1Wed02/08/20177:00 am
30.2Fri02/10/20177:00 pm
30.2Sat02/11/20173:00 am
30.2Sun02/12/20177:00 pm
30.2Mon02/13/20173:00 am
30.2Mon03/06/20177:30 pm
30.2Tue03/07/20173:30 am
30.1Thu03/09/20177:00 am
30.1Sat03/11/201710:00 am
30.1Sat03/11/201710:13 am
30.1Sat03/11/201710:29 am
30.1Wed05/17/20177:00 am
30.2Thu06/15/20177:00 pm
30.2Fri06/16/20173:00 am
30.2Tue08/15/20177:00 pm
30.2Wed08/16/20173:00 am
30.1Tue08/29/20177:30 am
30.1Tue08/29/20175:00 pm
30.1Tue09/05/20175:00 pm
30.2Tue11/28/20177:30 pm
30.2Wed11/29/20173:30 am
30.1Thu11/30/20177:30 am
30.1Wed12/20/20177:30 am
30.2Tue01/30/20187:30 pm
30.2Wed01/31/20183:30 am
30.2Thu03/22/20187:30 pm
30.2Fri03/23/20183:30 am
30.2Tue05/22/20187:00 pm
30.2Wed05/23/20183:00 am
30.2Thu06/14/20187:00 pm
30.2Fri06/15/20183:00 am
30.2Mon09/17/20187:00 pm
30.2Tue09/18/20183:00 am
30.2Wed12/19/20187:30 pm
30.2Thu12/20/20183:30 am
30.2Thu12/27/20187:30 pm
30.2Fri12/28/20183:30 am
30.2Tue02/26/20197:00 pm
30.2Wed02/27/20193:00 am
30.2Tue05/28/20197:30 pm
30.2Wed05/29/20193:30 am
30.1Fri06/07/20197:30 am
30.1Tue10/01/20198:00 am
30.2Tue02/04/20206:00 pm
30.2Wed02/05/20202:00 am
30.2Thu06/04/20206:00 pm
30.2Fri06/05/20202:00 am
30.2Wed08/05/20206:00 pm
30.2Thu08/06/20202:00 am
30.1Tue09/15/20207:30 am
30.1Tue09/15/20205:00 pm
30.2Tue12/08/20202:30 am
30.2Mon03/01/20216:00 pm
30.2Tue03/02/20212:00 am
30.1Tue04/27/20217:30 am
30.1Tue04/27/20215:00 pm
30.2Mon07/05/20217:30 pm
30.2Tue07/06/20213:30 am
30.2Mon11/01/20217:00 pm
30.2Tue11/02/20213:00 am
30.1Wed11/24/20217:30 am
30.2Wed03/30/20227:00 pm
30.2Thu03/31/20223:00 am
30.2Mon07/25/20227:30 pm
30.2Tue07/26/20223:30 am
30.1Tue08/09/20227:30 am
30.1Tue08/09/20225:00 pm
30.2Wed02/08/20236:30 pm
30.2Thu02/09/20232:30 am
30.2Wed03/01/20236:30 pm
30.2Thu03/02/20232:30 am
30.2Sun03/05/20235:00 pm
30.2Mon03/06/20231:00 am
30.2Thu07/06/20236:00 pm
30.2Fri07/07/20232:00 am
30.2Sun07/09/20235:00 pm
30.2Mon07/10/20231:00 am
30.1Wed09/27/20238:00 am