Tuesday, February 27, 2024 / 3:00 pm

Alma's Way

No-Go Mofongo/Alma Vs. Eddie

Mami whips up some mofongo for the family cookout using an old recipe from Alma's great-grandmother. But when Alma sneaks a taste, she realizes it's a "no-go" and tries to fix it by herself since Mami is so busy. Too bad she made it worse. Can Alma fix the mofongo in time for dinner? The City Seagulls are playing the Sweat Sox. That means it's time for rival baseball fans, Papi and Abuelo, to prank each other all day! Alma and Eddie think the pranks are hi-lar-i-ous and decide to play some of their own on each other. At first, they're both having fun, but after a while, Eddie doesn't look like he's enjoying himself as much as Alma. What gives?

Channel: PBS KIDS

Length: 00:28:55 / Episode: 101

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