Tuesday, February 27, 2024 / 7:30 pm

Molly of Denali

Going Toe to Toe with a Dinosaur/Sassy Ladies on Ice

Going Toe to Toe with a Dinosaur Molly and Vera join scientists as they visit a dinosaur excavation site. Will they find a real dinosaur fossil? After a few false starts, the girls uncover what they think might be the discovery of a lifetime. Sassy Ladies on Ice The Sassy Ladies of Saskatoon are back-this time in search of a glacier they saw 30 years ago. Molly is excited to join them, but after a long plane ride and hike, Molly and the Sassy Ladies are surprised to discover that the glacier has disappeared. What happened to it?

Channel: PBS KIDS

Length: 00:28:55 / Episode: 136

Previous Episodes

30.1Wed03/24/20217:00 am
30.2Wed03/24/20212:30 pm
30.2Wed03/24/20217:30 pm
30.2Wed03/24/202110:30 pm
30.2Thu03/25/20213:30 am
30.2Fri03/26/20218:00 pm
30.2Sat03/27/20214:00 am
30.2Sat03/27/20212:30 pm
30.2Sat03/27/20218:00 pm
30.2Sat03/27/202110:30 pm
30.2Sun03/28/20214:00 am
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30.2Sun04/04/202110:30 pm
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30.2Tue04/13/20212:30 pm
30.2Tue04/13/20217:30 pm
30.2Tue04/13/202110:30 pm
30.2Wed04/14/20213:30 am
30.2Sat04/17/20212:30 pm
30.2Sat04/17/202110:30 pm
30.1Fri04/23/20217:00 am
30.1Sun04/25/20217:00 am
30.2Thu05/13/20211:00 pm
30.2Thu05/13/20216:00 pm
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30.1Fri05/28/20217:00 am
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30.1Tue06/29/20217:00 am
30.2Wed07/07/20211:00 pm
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30.1Thu09/30/20217:00 am
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