Friday, May 12, 2023 / 12:00 am

Nature Cat

The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart/Pet Sounds

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The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart - While digging a hole to bury his bone, Hal uncovers Bad Dog Bart's treasure map. Legend has it that Bag Dog Bart stole the neighborhood dogs' toys, and buried them in a treasure chest for himself! No fair! Nature Cat and his pals must decipher the map so they can right this wrong, find Bad Dog Bart's treasure chest and return all of the stolen dog toys! Tally ho! Pet Sounds - The Nature Cat Band is ready for The Battle of the Pet Bands! They've been practicing for weeks and cannot wait to compete! But right before the band battle is set to begin, a mishap launches all of their instruments into the ocean! How can they make music and compete with no instruments? Oh no!

Channel: PBS KIDS

Length: 00:28:55 / Episode: 104

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30.2Sun05/31/202010:30 pm
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30.2Fri09/11/20201:30 am
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30.2Mon04/05/20211:30 am
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30.2Thu09/09/202111:30 am
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30.2Sun11/14/20211:30 pm
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30.2Tue07/26/202212:00 pm
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