Learn and Play with WGTE: Arthur

Make and Play: Dessert Polls Pie Charts

Supplies needed: piece paper of paper, crayons or markers

Steps: We are going to take a poll asking yourself and 3 other people what their favorite dessert is. 

  1. Draw a circle in the center of the paper.
  2. Draw a light line down the center of the circle and then draw another one across the circle through the center. The circles are now divided into fourths.
  3. Under your circle, draw the choices for the answers to your poll. I drew an ice cream cone, a cake, a piece of candy and a piece of pie.
  4. Make a different color dot beside each type of dessert. I put red by my ice cream, black by my cake, yellow by my candy and blue by my pie.
  5. Now at the top of my paper, I am going to write my name and then write or draw three other people that I am going to poll about their favorite dessert.
  6. Put the correct color dot beside your favorite dessert. (Mine is a red dot for ice cream.) Ask the other people your dessert question and mark the correct dot by their name or picture.
  7. When you have all your data, make a pie chart of your results by coloring in your circle.
  8. In my poll, two people liked ice cream the best so I colored two parts of my circle red. My sister likes cake, so I filled in one section of the circle in black. And my friend Susan likes candy, so I filled in the last part of the circle yellow.