Learn and Play with WGTE: Cyberchase

Make and Play: Tape Ball Game

2 male children playing with play-do and paper  Supplies needed: 

6 plastic or paper cups, paper, markers, tape 


1. Set up cups in a triangle. (Label the three in front by taping or drawing on green circles; Label the next two by taping or drawing on red circles; Label the cup in the back by taping or drawing on a blue circle. 

2. Make two tape balls by scrunching up paper and wrapping tape around it. 

3. To play the game, stand 6 feet away from the cups and toss the tape balls to try to knock over the cups. You get 10 tries to score 100 points. (GREEN cups are worth 10 points; RED cups are worth 25 points; BLUE cups are worth 50 points). 

G=10, R=25, B=50 

4. You can play by yourself or challenge someone. See if you can reach 100 points in fewer throws than your opponent.