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Learn and Play with WGTE: Peg + Cat

Make and Play: Make a Cat Out of Shapes.

construction paper cat Supplies needed: Scissors, construction paper or white paper, crayons, or markers. 


1. Cut out a large rectangle to be the body. 

2. From a different color, cut out 4 small rectangles to be the feet. (You can cut out doubles like in the episode)

3. From another color of paper, cut out a long triangle to be the tail. 

4. Cut out a circle to be the head. 

5. Now cut out two small triangles to be the ears and another one to be the nose. (Again, you can cut out doubles like in the episode)

6. Glue or tape the pieces together. 

7. Draw on whiskers, eyes, and a mouth on the face. 

8. Finally, draw lines on the paws to distinguish the toes.