Public Media Giving Days

Public Media Giving Days

We're excited about Public Media Giving Days beginning May 1! A first-ever event of this scope — fueled by the combined efforts of PBS, NPR, local stations like WGTE Public Media and other affiliated organizations — gives people the opportunity to meaningfully rally behind the institution of public media over a two-day period.

Monday, May 1, please share your stories about all that public media gives you and the important people in your life.

What about public media do you value most? Is it the credible journalism, deep dives into history or science, a connection to the arts, access to enriching music or something else you hold dear? Did public media impact your life path — maybe motivate you to take up a musical instrument or inspire you to pursue a particular career or academic study? 

Share what #PublicMediaGives to you, your friends and co-workers tomorrow. Post your appreciations and experiences on social media (and use that hashtag when you do). Your stories will make a crucial difference.

Then on Tuesday, May 2, we are encouraging people to give back to their public media stations. Become a first-time contributor to WGTE or, if you already contribute, make an additional gift. If you’d like, get a jump on the give-back aspect by donating now. Why wait for Tuesday? Give what feels right to you to help commemorate and support all that #PublicMediaGives to people everywhere.

Donate Now

If it feels right, also mention your early bird generosity when you share what public media gives to you tomorrow.

With our sincere thanks,

Marlon  P. Kiser
President and CEO