A Bacik Conversation

For years, Fr James J. Bacik has delivered some of the most thought-provoking lectures covering Relationships, Democracy, Religion and more.  Now, Fr Bacik and co-host Brad Rieger bring you “A Bacik Conversation,” a thoughtful podcast that dives into topics that Fr Bacik covers in his lectures, articles and books. 

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Meet Your Host Father Jim Bacik

Host Father Jim BacikFr. James J. Bacik has served as a priest of the Diocese of Toledo since his ordination in 1962, including 30 years as pastor of Corpus Christi University Parish serving the University of Toledo. After earning his doctorate in theology from the University of Oxford, in England, he has published numerous articles and 15 books, including his recent national award-winning Saints Celebrated and Unsung: The Universal Call to Holiness. Recognized as “one of North America's finest, most insightful theologians,” Fr. Bacik has lectured internationally in China, Russia, Japan, Europe, Australia, Ireland and Latin America.
You can listen to Fr. James Bacik on our new WGTE Podcast “a Bacik Conversation” with co-host Brad Rieger.

You can access Fr. Bacik's numerous video lectures and Reflections articles on his website:  frjimbacik.org

Meet Your Co-Host Brad Rieger

Co-host Brad RiegerBrad Rieger is the chief executive officer at Cooper-Smith, a full-service marketing and advertising agency specializing in media planning, media buying, data analytics and branding. He also hosts the leadership-based podcast, In the Arena – Conversations of a Lifetime. Prior to joining Cooper-Smith, Brad had a 31-year career in education. He served in a multitude of roles including special education teacher, principal, assistant superintendent and for the last 12 years of his educational run, superintendent of Sylvania Schools.
You can listen to Brad on our new WGTE podcast, “A Bacik Conversation” with co-host Fr. James Bacik.