Brain Politics

brain politics

In the podcast, Dr. Parinja will start by taking us through the brain, one neural system at a time. He will look at the function and purpose of these neural systems. He will use a "brain politics" model to discuss how these neural systems sometimes work in tandem and sometimes come into conflict with each other. He will use stories to illustrate how these systems produce thoughts, feelings and behavior. This understanding can be applied to preventing addiction, some mental health problems and improving wellbeing. 

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Meet Your Host Dr. Rajiv Parinja

brain politics

Dr. Rajiv Parinja is a psychiatrist with Mercy health in Toledo. He started his career in England where he trained in psychiatry as a resident of psychiatry and a fellow in General Adult Psychiatry.  He subsequently did another residency at the Cleveland Clinic in psychiatry. He has worked as an inpatient psychiatrist at Cleveland Clinic and at Mercy Health in Toledo.

He has an interest in understanding how our brains work from an evolutionary standpoint and applying that knowledge to improving the wellbeing of individuals and societies. He has developed a program called ENaBLe ME which stands for Evolution and Neuroscience Based Learning and Mindfulness Exercises which helps people understand how their brains work and apply that knowledge to improve wellbeing. 

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