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Lake Effect is a journey through all things Lake Erie, its tributaries and near-shore realms. The Great Lakes are the largest body of fresh water on earth and while Lake Erie is the second-smallest and most shallow lake with just two percent of the Great Lakes’ water, it holds 90 percent of the biomass (fish and other living things). We’ll visit scientists, anglers, charter captains, farmers, tourism officials, boat-restorers, historians and a host of others who have an affinity for the lake through either proximity, work or a simple love of the greatest Great Lake. 

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Meet Your Host James Proffitt

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James Proffitt moved north from Cincinnati to Marblehead in 2007 and says he’d never leave the lake. After nearly a decade as a Gannett reporter/photographer he’s now a freelance writer and the Lake Erie contributor for Detroit Public Television’s website, He writes about all things Lake Erie including conservation, recreation, wildlife, art and current events. His verse and fiction have appeared in numerous university and literary journals over the years. He looks forward to meeting new people and exploring their affinity for the lake through proximity, labor or simple love.   

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