Women and What WE-DO

women and what we-do

As women, we know we have to tackle so many issues: our body, our health, aging, sexism, racism, economic discrimination and bias in the workplace, and in our community. We raise families, take care of aging parents, and so much more. But we’re doing it! And it’s time we tell our stories on how we’re able to accomplish all that we tackle. Welcome to the "Women and What WE-DO" podcast, where we want to connect with other women in our community, build new skills, provide resources, create mentorships, advocate for ourselves, and welcome our allies to do the same, and share ways economic development is fostered in the workplace and marketplace to create economic equity. We share ideas and offer support for those of us seeking advice. Featured guests will share their experiences, talents, wisdom, and stories that inspired them to stand up, speak out, and challenge the status quo. Thank you for joining us. 

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Meet Your Host Mary K. Brucker

women and what we-do

Raised an Eastsider full of grit, Mary's passion has always been to be a force that changed her community and the world with positivity, generosity and kindness. After a successful career with 20 years working for corporate America in Fortune 500 companies, she chose to follow her true calling in life- connecting with people. Mary uses her story telling talents to show people the power they hold within themselves. After starting her own company, she focused on conducting people-focused training to show companies their true assets- the people they serve and work with. After starting her theater company, she saw the magic of giving our youth the space to find themselves, the tools to speak up and advocate for themselves, and the responsibility of sharing their experiences to help inspire others. Mary knows the power of connecting with communities and creating opportunities to support women in the workplace, marketplace, community, and family. Mary's energy, experience, humor and positive attitude help support women and youth to imagine their goals, encourage them to find ways to achieve them, and the platform to inspire others with their stories.

Meet Your Host Sierra Ortiz

women and what we-do

Sierra is a native to Toledo, Ohio and grew up on land belonging to the Miami Indigenous tribe. She is the Associate Director at Women of Toledo, where she works to educate, engage, and empower women and youth to keep moving forward. The granddaughter of migrant workers, and the daughter of a prolific Latinx leader, she is an advocate for the marginalized, underserved, and underrepresented. She understands her privilege and platform, and looks to tell the stories of community members who are revitalizing her city as well as those who have put in effort to make the city a safe and welcoming place for all people. She knows there is much work to be done in the world, but believes that listening to the stories and wisdom of women can make a larger impact on the world, one community at a time. 

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