The Mental Gains Podcast

The Mental Gains Podcast

"The Mental Gains Podcast" focuses on the lives and stories of adults living with persistent mental illness in Northwest Ohio. Each episode is a deep dive into what it’s like living with a mental health diagnosis and how to navigate and thrive using the tools of recovery.

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Meet Your Host Matt Russell

The Mental Gains Podcast

Matt Russell is a mental health advocate from Perrysburg, Ohio. He is an audio engineer and composer with 15+ years of professional recording studio and live audio production experience. He was an invitee at the Ableton Loop Conference in Berlin, Germany and was a finalist for the Ultra Music Festival “Made from Scratch” contest in 2015. Matt is a proud member of the sober community and is in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. 

Meet Your Host Verna Mullins

The Mental Gains Podcast

Verna Mullins is the manager of the Connection Center, a psychosocial rehabilitation and peer support center in Bowling Green, Ohio. For over 22 years Verna has implemented and facilitated programming that includes mental health wellness, drug and alcohol prevention education, domestic violence advocacy, and peer support. She holds a dual BA in Psychology and Creative Writing from BGSU, is a licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant, and is a certified Peer Support Supervisor. Verna is a native of Toledo, Ohio. She is passionate about Spirituality and Holistic Healing.

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